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A Climate-Changed Future is Here.

Let's Talk About It.

The Climatized Visual

The Climatized is an environmental publication that seeks to imagine the possible worlds that could emerge after climate change.

What will the world be like if we fail to act? And what could it look like if we take action?

Featured Pieces

America’s Problem with Collective Action

By Carl Cusack August 14, 2020

Climate action, indeed any mass collective action, is paralysed by the financial precarity of the working class. Too bad financial insecurity underpins our entire economic system.

The richest 10% of Americans own 92% of stock market wealth. When the stock market gains value, rich white Americans profit disproportionately.

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Taking on the Red: The Catharsis of Silence Amid the Chaos

By Maria Rummery August 10, 2020

The Red Rebels fulfil this same function amid the many public demonstrations that are occurring in response to the environmental crisis. However, they do so without speech or song: rather, they mutely embody the emotional landscape surrounding the protest. In one of our first actions, our local Red Rebel Brigade led protesters from the Climate Strike on a march to the office of our Member of Parliament. Collectively we delivered a letter of appeal for more effective action to address climate change, which had brought prolonged drought and extreme bushfires to our region.

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Climate Justice is Impossible Without Racial Justice

By Bart Shteinman August 3, 2020

Intersections of racial subjugation and environmental destruction are no coincidence. Whatever the form, an economic and political system that is driven by extractivism functions by devaluing life; commodifying the parts it can profit from – and sacrificing those it cannot. 

In the face of this, the mainstream environmental movement in the West has been, for most of its 150-year history, implicitly exclusionary to people of colour. Even worse, from its birth in the late 1800s, it has been frequently complicit in racialized oppression, from the expulsion of Indigenous Peoples from America’s National Parks to the neo-colonial enclosure of land in the Global South for dubious ‘carbon offsets’.

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Australia needs to look at its past if it wants to tackle the challenges of the future

By James Holloway July 30, 2020

As civilizations grow and evolve, history has shown that crisis is often what triggers the complete overhaul of old political and economic systems. In the case of climate change, ensuring the sustainability of our environment indeed requires a wide scale reconfiguration of industry, consumption habits, and the labour market. But what would such a reconfiguration look like?

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From politics to science, culture to philosophy, The Climatized explores both the exciting possibilities and daunting realities of a climate-changed future.

A message from a supporter of the Green New Deal

What Does it Mean to be Climatized?

The climate crisis - with its wildfires, flash floods, mass extinction, and more - has caused both angst and excitement to permeate throughout society. Some of us suffer from eco-anxiety, fearing what pains a changed climate could catalyse. Others of us jostle with excitement, eager to see how addressing this crisis will fundamentally change our lives.

The colossus that is the climate crisis is paralysing. In the face of climate change's maddening complexity and gargantuan scale any picture of the future becomes muddled. We have become locked in unhelpful arguments that pit ecology against economy and elevate a fake realism above scientific reality.


We aim to further the discussion about what needs doing by imagining the ramifications of our actions. What could the world look like if we take the science seriously? And what might the world descend into if we fail to? To cope with eco-anxiety, we must confront this future. Exposure is the route to calm. By entertaining how the world may change, for better or worse, The Climatized aims to further the narrative by giving people a glimpse at what could be.

The Climatized is a collection of opinion pieces from thinkers, activists, and students that argue how the world might be. Our work seeks to offer a fresh perspective using current scientific and academic research. We're not climate scientists, but we do our best to listen to them. From politics to science, culture to philosophy, The Climatized is a publication solely dedicated to providing readers with both the exciting and daunting potential realities that could manifest. To acclimatize to a new world we must find the nerve to confront that reality.

Engulf yourself in exploring what the world may be like. And find solace in imagining the world of tomorrow.

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