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A Climate-Changed Future is Here.

Let's Talk About It.

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The Climatized is an environmental publication that seeks to imagine the possible worlds that could emerge after climate change.

What will the world be like if we fail to act? And what could it look like if we take action?

Featured Pieces

Envisioning the Future of Effective Altruism

By Jessica Watson Miller July 25, 2020

Effective Altruism is a movement that sprung up roughly a decade ago around an assortment of academic philosophers, jaded finance professionals and rationalist internet bloggers with the intention of finding a way to unite generosity, philanthropy and altruism with scientific principles and a kind of precision that its proponents felt was missing in the broader charity sector.

This prepubescent movement has, like all good social phenomena, experienced its fair share of growing pains. There are lots of ways the movement could easily go astray and only a few ways it could truly succeed.

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With Global Heating, Marine Mammals Are Headed for Dangerous Waters

By Daniel Smuskowitz July 21, 2020

It is truly baffling to think, after witnessing animals as gigantic as the blue whale and as unique as a dugong, of the distant ancestors we all hold. This spectacle of life was perhaps the very first art form, but just like a vase needs only a second to shatter. Indeed, recent science suggests the Climate Crisis may very well be the tipping point that pushes our already depleted marine mammals to a point of no return.

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Recognizing Our Own Fundamentalism is a Path to Useful Tolerance

By Dr. Gordon Menzies July 19, 2020

What is one thing that Facebook arguments, tensions about the environment, and US political discussions all have in common? In each case, the emotional temperature, which can rise very quickly, is a consequence of the way we think and feel when we argue with other people.

This is certainly the case with climate change, where discussion quickly become mired in rancorous debates about the extent of human impact on the climate, the desirability of a policy response and the extent to which environmental concerns should be set alongside business interests and traded off against each other.

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Unravelled: April 2055

By Geoff Miller July 17, 2020

‘No one really knows what happened to Alberta.’
‘Has it always been that bad?’
‘It doesn’t matter.’ He hung his head.
A few seconds later, he mumbled; ‘Fucking DC. I nearly lost it all for that.’’

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From politics to science, culture to philosophy, The Climatized explores both the exciting possibilities and daunting realities of a climate-changed future.

A message from a supporter of the Green New Deal

What Does it Mean to be Climatized?

The climate crisis - with its wildfires, flash floods, mass extinction, and more - has caused both angst and excitement to permeate throughout society. Some of us suffer from eco-anxiety, fearing what pains a changed climate could catalyse. Others of us jostle with excitement, eager to see how addressing this crisis will fundamentally change our lives.

The colossus that is the climate crisis is paralysing. In the face of climate change's maddening complexity and gargantuan scale any picture of the future becomes muddled. We have become locked in unhelpful arguments that pit ecology against economy and elevate a fake realism above scientific reality.


We aim to further the discussion about what needs doing by imagining the ramifications of our actions. What could the world look like if we take the science seriously? And what might the world descend into if we fail to? To cope with eco-anxiety, we must confront this future. Exposure is the route to calm. By entertaining how the world may change, for better or worse, The Climatized aims to further the narrative by giving people a glimpse at what could be.

The Climatized is a collection of opinion pieces from thinkers, activists, and students that argue how the world might be. Our work seeks to offer a fresh perspective using current scientific and academic research. We're not climate scientists, but we do our best to listen to them. From politics to science, culture to philosophy, The Climatized is a publication solely dedicated to providing readers with both the exciting and daunting potential realities that could manifest. To acclimatize to a new world we must find the nerve to confront that reality.

Engulf yourself in exploring what the world may be like. And find solace in imagining the world of tomorrow.

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