In Cli-Fi we turn to fiction to examine our world. The power of science fiction lies in imagining a future world to challenge the contemporary. Centering on climate creativity, we find that the most abstract of texts often best explore our past, present and future.

Barren or Fruitless

By Zoe Barnstone-Clark | December 13, 2020

Serifos is derived from the Greek word meaning barren or fruitless. Whoever gave the island its name must not have seen the land in the dead of March, when poppies grow up between the stones and cows graze in meadows that will disappear by May.

Last spring, there were no Lenten rains. Infertility persisted with only dry bushes of fennel and ironwort to brew into tea as winter stretched on. The reservoir over the mountain ran low and the villagers kept their faucets open for the unpredictable handful of hours there would be running water.

Sorry, What Was The Question Again? – September, 2031

By Geoff Miller | October 5, 2020

The hum of incandescent flood lights held my pulse soberly. I pulled my eyes back from the window, returning to the dull baby blue hospital ward. The social worker waited for my full attention.

I tried.

Consciously, I rotated my torso back to face her, put down the rubber band I’d been fiddling with and tried once again.

Anastasia the Polar Bear and Her Merry Critter Pals

By Levi Vixie | September 23, 2020

Levi Vixie writes a short story exploring parent dynamics in the age of climate.

Short on Time – March, 2032

By Geoff Miller | September 6, 2020

‘Jim, we’re going to have to make it quick today. I’m running low on time today’. I called out as I swung my bag into the trunk and sat down into the passenger seat.
‘Well have you ever run out of it?’
‘Time. Have you ever run out of time?,’ He glanced over briefly.
‘No but that’s not what I- ‘. I was interrupted by a burst of laughter. I know few people who laugh as openly at their own jokes as Jim. You’d always know if Jim were happy with a joke he’d made; the whole room would.

What You Need Will Drown You

By Lydia Gregovic | August 22, 2020

It has been raining for far longer than eighteen years, but that is as long as I have known it.

I was born in the midst of a downpour, fat drops breaking through the feeble shelter constructed to protect my entrance to the world and running down my mother’s legs like sweat. There were no doctors present to ease my passage; such a word has become archaic amongst those I know anyways, occupying the same space in our minds as terms like Bigfoot, and stories of the sun.

Honey, Get the Kids Inside – July, 2032

By Geoff Miller | August 8, 2020

I didn’t see the truck until I was already halfway down the street. Nestled between just behind the neighbours house was a refrigerated truck filled with chunks of meat hanging from the ceiling. I saw the outline of a small body with a few scraps of greyish skin still attached.

My stomach churned. I turned away.

Dismounting, I walked my bicycle down our driveway. I didn’t want to look at the neighbours again, but I heard the woman call out ‘There were prints in the driveway this morning so I figured it was time to get the shipment.’

Unravelled: April 2055

By Geoff Miller | July 17, 2020

‘No one really knows what happened to Alberta.’
‘Has it always been that bad?’
‘It doesn’t matter.’ He hung his head.
A few seconds later, he mumbled; ‘Fucking DC. I nearly lost it all for that.’’

A Pall

By Duncan Koop | May 23, 2020

“God, the smell of it is even worse than the–”
The pedestrian’s remark is truncated by James’s front door slamming behind him. He has an exam that afternoon, but her observation tugs at his attention. He had always loved the smell of burning eucalyptus, it reminded him of campfires and the old open fireplace in his home near Singleton.

The Promethean Fix

By Alexander Barnstone | March 5, 2020

The Promethean Fix Alexi Barnstone – Cli-Fi Greta stared down at the headline on her phone screen. It read: Economic modelling conclusive in debunking human-nature…

Automotive Apocalypse – Mittagong, 2040

By Geoff Miller | January 21, 2020

Automotive Apocalypse – Mittagong, 2040 Geoff Miller – Cli-Fi ‘You’re giving me a car for my birthday?’ Charlotte held her glare for a few seconds,…

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