Climate Change has the capacity to radically reshape our politics, economies and governments; for better or for worse. Many see change on the horizon, but what will that look like?

Neoliberal Rationality is Incompatible with Climate Action

By Alexander Barnstone | October 25, 2020

The Incompatibility of Neoliberal Rational and Climate Action Alexi Barnstone – Politics & Economics “Neoliberalism— the ideas, the institutions, the policies, the political rationality— has,…

Australia is Getting the World Cooked with Gas

By Bart Shteinman | October 11, 2020

Why bailing out the gas industry is a recipe for economic and environmental disaster.

What’s The UN Doing About Climate Change?

By Alana Smyth | October 10, 2020

It wasn’t until recently, after the Cold War, that we saw a shift towards human rights, but even still, the UN is primarily focused on State-State relations. Now, to understand the vast array of UN bodies that work to support sustainable development and maintain ecological balance, one must know that the nature of the UN is like a spider-web: it is a deeply complex, yet delicate, system of which every stream is connected and reliant on one another.

Free Markets Won’t Get Us to 100% Renewables

By Bart Shteinman | September 22, 2020

Free Markets Won’t Get Us to 100% Renewables Bart Shteinman – Politics & Economics   For those of us anguished by the Climate Crisis, positive…

Rehearsing the Future of Climate Activism

By Zoe Barnstone | September 17, 2020

Zoe Barnstone writes on the need to reform the nonprofit industrial complex and how we must move past capital’s impact on climate activism.

The Common Good of Public Health and the Environment

By Dr. Gordon Menzies & Dr. John McClean | September 7, 2020

“We’re all in this Together”: the Common Goods of Public Health and the Environment Dr. Gordon Menzies and Dr. John McClean – Politics and Economics…

Get Used to Looting

By Noah Goodman | September 2, 2020

If nothing changes and the protesters’ anger and frustration is not met with systematic change, the situation will only get worse. The climate crisis will exacerbate the causes of the current frustration via a massive drop in standard of living, a power grab from the ruling class, hyper-commodification of our basic needs, and the purposeful destruction of any semblance of the political power of the working class.

Unless sweeping changes that address the economic and racial frustration filling the country is made, we better get used to looting because it will only become more commonplace.

State Gaslighting in the Age of Climate Change

By Finola Laughren | August 26, 2020

On one side, there is the burgeoning environmental movement(s), on the other, denialism and its partner, state gaslighting. This article offers a cautionary tale about state gaslighting around climate change – greenhouse gaslighting (pardon the pun). If current trends continue, Australia will witness an accelerated state attempt to negate reality.

Climate Denial May Never Disappear – It Doesn’t Need To

By Geoff Miller | August 24, 2020

Throughout history, once outrageous ideas often find themselves with public support many years later.

A policy option on the table today may not necessarily be on the table tomorrow. In 2020, the moving target of public opinion is shifting faster and faster with each crisis and historic event. While it doesn’t always materialise in such a way, policymakers are beholden to what is deemed acceptable in what political scientists call the Overton Window. Developed in the mid-1990’s by Joe Overton of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the Overton Window is a ‘model for understanding how ideas in society change over time and influence politics’.

After this Pandemic, Let’s Make Clean Air a Human Right

By Bart Shteinman | August 19, 2020

Idle factories, empty highways, and grounded passenger jets. With Covid-19 shutting down broad swathes of the global economy, it has been a silver lining for some that our planet might finally be enjoying a temporary respite.

Following the initial outbreak in Wuhan, February carbon dioxide emissions were recorded to have fallen year-on-year by 25% for the entire Chinese economy.

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